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About 'Western Highlanders'


'Western Highlanders' focus on designing, creating and offering a blend of meaningful and value adding experiences of art, culture, traditions, outdoor and adventure, nature, environment and enjoyment through workshops, events, camps and outings.

We aim to offer unique workshops, events, camps and programmes to individuals, groups, organisations, families or children.
We have ready modules for you to participate else we can design interesting modules for your group.

Company Overview:

Western Highlanders is the division of High Places Management Pvt. Ltd. 

'High Places' - A brand known for quality, standards and safety along with high quality of consulting and training, have been the path breakers and pioneers to bring Outdoors and Adventure as a powerful medium for training and development to the Indian Industry. In its existence of over 20 years High Places has grown to be the biggest organisation in this field and has its own locations to conduct these trainings in India and abroad.

So far the medium has been used for training and development and this happens to be a small part of what the medium can offer to us. With our interaction and association with more than 75000 participants we realised that we need to unfold the offerings beyond training. 

The conception of Western Highlanders is the start of a new exposure to people who wish to add to themselves. The motto of Western Highlanders is - Ideas and Expression.

A platform that offers opportunity to express, share and experience different facets that are essential for the wellbeing, overall growth, adding color to life and enjoy. The attempt is to bring to individuals, families, organisations and children a unique blend of art, culture, adventure and events through designed experiences, workshops, camps and programmes.


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Event Dates

Highland Champs

(Children Camp - Batch 23)

11 to 14 May 2015