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Highland Champs  -  FAQ's                        

 1.       What is Highland Champs?

Highland Champs is an interesting camp organized for children that include learning, adventure and fun. The key objectives of Highland Champs are to enhance on:

  • Being  responsible and respect others
  • Be  appreciative and care for nature
  • Build curiosity through experimentation
  • Learn through experience
  • Develop sharing and caring nature through community living
  • Value the givens
  • Experience the fundamentals of being a social animal

 2.       Who organizes Highland Champs?

Highland Champs is organized by ‘Western Highlanders’ a division of High Places Management Pvt. Ltd. that focuses on offering value adding and unique events, camps and workshops. High Places Management Pvt. Ltd. are the pioneers in India who introduced and specialize in Management Training using Outdoors and experiential Learning and work with most of the renowned organizations in India and abroad. With over 22 years of experience in Outdoors and training, this is one of the biggest, oldest and reliable organization in India that has highest safety standards and a great track record. For photographs and details you can visit:

 3.       Highland Champs is suitable for children of what age?

Highland Champs is planned for children with age ranging from 8 to 13 years.

For most of the children of age 8 to 10 years, this is first time to be away from parents or guardians. This happens to be the right age for children to take charge of one-self and learn to do many things. They can overcome their anxieties and fears along with peer children. At this age children learn faster by experiencing and experimenting. This facilitates in develop essential abilities like logic, relativity, social skills, interest in nature, environment, geography and history.


 4.       Where is Highland Champs conducted?

Highland Champs is conducted at ‘Garudmaachi Outdoor Centre’, India’s only purpose built and unique Outdoor Training Centre. Garudmaachi is situated in an extremely serene ambience in the Tamhini Ghat that is 75 km from Pune and 165 km from Mumbai. This centre hosts more than 30 Outdoor based training programmes per month for managers and senior managers from various organizations and has all the necessary facilities and amenities. For photographs and details you can visit:


5.       What activities are conducted in Highland Champs?

Highland Champs is much more than just an Outdoor or adventure camp and involves interesting experiences like:

  • Nature Trails and Herbarium
  • Understand basics of living through village visit
  • Learn orienteering skills
  • Camping
  • Exercising and Suryanamaskar
  • Adventure activities like Climbing, Rappelling and Burma Bridge
  • And many more interesting group experiences and learning activities…

 6.       What kind of accommodation is provided to children at Highland Champs?

Children stay in well constructed billets with bunk beds (max. 10 children per billet) and attached toilets (ratio 1 toilet per 3 children). During camp out children stay in 3 sharing dome shaped tents with sleeping bags. Our Outdoor experts / instructors always stay with children to ensure personal attention and monitoring safety.


7.       Do boys and girls stay separately?

There are separate billets for boys and girls. At night one expert stays in every billet along with the children. Lady expert stays with the girls.


8.       How many instructors conduct the camp?

We follow international safety standards and accordingly we have 1 Outdoor expert / instructor per 6 children on the camp with minimum of 3 instructors per camp even for groups less than 18 children. This also ensures personal attention towards children.


9.       What is the background of the camp instructors?

All of our instructors are experienced and regularly trained on Outdoor skills and first aid.


10.   Is there a lady instructor on the camp?

There is at least 1 lady Outdoor expert / instructor on the camp who stays with the girl children.


 11.   What kind of food is served to the children on the camp?

Our dedicated and trained cooking team knows exactly what a children camp needs.  Tasteful and hygienic home like food is served on the camps. There is a good mix and variety of vegetables, fruits, juices, buttermilk, sweets, dal, rice and roties. Clean and purified water is provided at all times and children are regularly reminded and monitored to drink adequate water during the camp. Children are provided with hot drink (Bournvita) four times every day.


12.   What makes Highland Champs Safe?

Safety is our prime consideration. Garudmaachi is fenced and guarded and the whole campus is regularly fumigated. All the equipment and gear is of international standards, tested and with regularly maintenance. A safety vehicle is present through the duration of camp, day and night.  

Outdoor experts carry first aid kits at all times through the camp. At night one expert stays in every billet along with the children. Lady expert stays with the girls. The campsite has constructed pathways that are well lit throughout the night.


13.   What is the duration of the camp?

Highland Champs is 4 days and 3 night’s camp.


14.   What are the fees for the camp?

Fees for Highland Champs is Rs. 8,000/- per child.

This includes the camp fees and travel to and from Garudmaachi from designated pick up and drop points only. 


15.   Should parents visit or meet children during the camp?

We strongly discourage parents from visiting and meeting children on and during the camp.


16.   How many Highland Champs have been conducted so far?

So far 22 batches of Highland Champs have been conducted. The dates for upcoming batches are:

  • Batch 23 camp is scheduled on 11 to 14 May 2015

 17.   What do children need to carry along for the camp?

Children should carry all their belongings in a soft case bag or sack which they can carry themselves. This should include only personal clothing (loose fitting regular use clothes), toiletries, shoes and chappals/slippers. A detailed kit list will be sent to you after we receive the booking form along with the payment. 

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