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Highland Champs                        

Batch 23 - camp is scheduled on 

11 to 14 May 2015

Highland Champs is a thoughtfully designed camp for children within age 7 years to 13 years. This is the place where children can be children and play, experience, explore and learn.

Considering the urbanized setting that children grow in, this camp offers children an ambience and opportunity to spend time in an unstructured, natural and safe environment. Being and staying with other children, being bold and courageous, becoming responsible, appreciating nature and home, experimenting and exploring, being curious, understanding and caring for environment and people are few major impressions  that children surely carry back from the camp.

Highland champs, offers a learning platform to children through various activities, exercises and informative sessions.  Variety of experiences are chosen for specific camps in different seasons, like - trekking, camping, rock climbing, rappelling, raft building, treasure hunts, orienteering, map reading, mapping, drawing, collage and herbarium making, star gazing, village visit, information and slide shows on snakes and reptiles, sea, ecology and environment.  These experiences facilitate in development of:

  • Self-discovery, new ideas
  • Responsibility for learning
  • Empathy and caring
  • success and failure
  • Collaboration and competition
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Care for the natural world
  • Solitude and reflection
  • Service and compassion


The camp is conducted at Garudmaachi Outdoor Development centre, India’s most popular outdoor centre close to Pune and Mumbai. The centre offers a great natural and pollution free environment, evergreen forest, mountains and open wide skies as the host and plentiful possibilities of activities. In this unique habitat, children stay in a safe and secure campsite in multi sharing tents or billets that host necessary facilities and hygienic food. Apart from this Highland Champs ensures:


  • 6:1 instructor ratio
  • International standards of safety and equipment
  • Lady instructor with every batch
  • Instructors trained in outdoor and first aid skills
  • 24 hr vehicle backup
  • Tie up with health centre


Beyond all this, we understand that though parents wish to send their children for such a unique experience, they may have many questions and queries about the camp and the stay. We highly appreciate this inquisitiveness and accordingly have organized answers for the FAQ’s we have gathered so far. Do refer to the FAQ’s and also feel free to contact us on phone or mail for any further queries.

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Highland Champs - Fees

Rs. 8,000/- per child

(Includes camp fees and 

Travel to and from Garudmaachi from designated pick up and drop points only.)


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